My road trip with Mother Teresa taught me this

Are you tired of setting goals, but failing to reach them? Or did you simply let go of your goals, overwhelmed and just surviving? How would it feel if you could turn this around and have more joy and satisfaction in your life? I will tell you how I turned my life around, and allow my business to expand…

A life lesson learned…

Around the age of 12 my mum was doing voluntary work with the sisters of Mother Teresa in Rotterdam working for the homeless. One day Mother Teresa came to visit, yes the real Mother Teresa, and we had the privilege to drive her from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.

A 45 minute drive with one of the most amazing women in the world.

Going on a road trip with Mother Teresa!

We were beyond excited, and in awe. Her intense presence struck me so much and at the age of 16 I went for 10 days to Calcutta, visiting her homes, meeting Mother Teresa and holding hands of the dying and playing with the orphans. Two years later I would spend another year living the life of her Sisters, this also gave me the opportunity to live very close to her for one month in Rome.

The more the years go by the more I understand that what she had been teaching just by her way of living:

She had such a love for people, no matter how small or big or dirty, how poor or how rich, she was fully there for each person, laser focused on what she had to do at each minute. She was really doing what she had to do: so if she was talking to you – she was fully there.

She created a huge impact, not because she wanted to but because she was fully dedicated to what she did every day, the little things with great Love. She was on purpose and fully present and she moved mountains with this attention and presence. Small steps but massive results.

The biggest breakthroughs come from the simple things done well and done over and over. If you are really committed to doing all the little things with consistency and full focus – your business and life will grow way bigger than you ever imagined!

How it changed my life and business

Being completely focused on small steps consistently, inspired me in the first place in my personal life. It allows for more time and freedom, without the overwhelm when life takes over. However, I never considered how valuable this would also be for my professional life.

Before – I was busy doing everything, wanting to help everyone and at the end not making any real money. Does that sound familiar?

I knew something had to change: as a single mom I have the responsibility of my two young children, building a business without any profit was just not an option.

Setting goals and not reaching them was starting to really get me down.

Until I discovered: to focus on the small steps that I could do over and over again to get the results I wanted, was the fastest way for my business to grow – consistently.

I got clear on what the small steps were and worked to master them and within 4 months I had tripled my income!! And the great fun is, that I know how I can do that again and again!

Do you know the steps you need to take to reach your goals? Do you know how to turn that into a consistent plan of action and keep growing?

Do you want more clarity on how you can turn your life around? Just send me a message and we will talk soon!

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