Before working with Saskia, I had little or no self-belief, without knowing where it stemmed from I always thought it was my fault and I blamed myself for it. Now, I definitely feel more confident and assured about who and what I am and that I am perfectly imperfect. I no longer feel so different and separate from others. I can get on with my life in zinc and become what I want. No more self sabotage!!!

When I came to Saskia there were projects within my business I just couldn’t finish, I kept postponing, not really understanding why. I felt oppressed and just didn’t know how to pull myself out of it. Through the sessions I understood that I was afraid of taking action because I didn’t know what to do when this project would end. Saskia helped me to rediscover what I really want, so I can take action again. I felt relieved when this project finally came to an end, thus experiencing more freedom in starting something new!

I felt empty and lost since I had spent so much time in my business over the last years. I couldn’t slow down or enjoy my free time. Things I used to do didn’t give me anymore the satisfaction they would give me. I was able to unwind since I got a better understanding of the activities which give me energy and where I loose energy. It allowed me to make changes within my business: now I am at the right place and I can enjoy the freedom it gives me.

My main issue was that I didn’t have the energy anymore to follow up as I would usually do with my customers. It would take me always some extra days before I could let my clients know the job was done. Physically I felt drained. Saskia gave me a better understanding of what was going on. I regained focus and can now do what I need to within my business: overdelivering… I can enjoy again the work I am doing.

Healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air!

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