Running out of time and energy? What next?…

Feeling overwhelmed?

Do you recognize this: just running out of time? The list of things to do just keeps growing and your own ranking becomes lower and lower. Since that is where you put yourself, isn’t it? There are so many urgent things to do to help out others. And to be honest, you simply cannot say ‘no’? Everything is so interesting and you want to help everybody… And so the result is that you feel overwhelmed again and again.

Help, some peace and quiet?…

Do you feel like losing control more and more? You just keep running around, on the edge of panic… What would happen if you would just stop and take a minute for yourself?… Be honest, what would happen? How would it feel to take some time for yourself? Totally relax, not having to do anything? Can you free yourself completely, can you dream about the things you really wish for? What helps you relax? What do you allow yourself to recharge, so you can be satisfied and grateful at the end of the day. Can you? Are you allowed to? And if not, what is blocking you? Or, who tells you you cannot?

Running out of time…

So often I hear how difficult it is to set this time apart for oneself, all be it only a few minutes a day… And from my own experience I know what it is to keep running, since there are always so many things that need to be done. And yet, just stop for a minute… What is truly important for YOU, personally and professionally? Just close your eyes and let the sun give you it’s warmth, thus letting all your worries fade away, so you can be energized.

How I do that?…

As a single mom running her own business the last couple of weeks were for me quite a challenge, to say the least. One after the other the children got sick and there were so many things to be done for my business and clients. Day dawns, broken nights or not… and so things became quite foggy in my head.

At these moments I am so grateful for my to do lists: based on the actions which give me the biggest result towards my goals, and not based on emergencies. In one glance I can see what I really need to do to get the most out of my limited time. This focus saves me loads of time. Job done I can return to my emergencies, in this case, minding my sick children. This allows me to be fully present to them, without guilt or frustration about ‘oh, I should…’ Satisfied I can let go of all the rest. That’s off for later. And in the evening, despite everything, I can pick up my ‘golden’ booklet and look back in Gratitude!

What are you going to do today to free up some time for yourself?

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