My Shape Up Model

Over the past decades I saw the grandeur and yet the complexity of the human person and it’s growth.

Especially in the working force, in business all these elements are expanded in all it’s depth, all the different layers are engaged and touched.

As leaders we are challenged to the max and have a choice: take up the challenge to grow, connect and heal, or rather freeze in working hard and will power.

From all the different people I have had the opportunity to learn from, follow and support, I created my SHAPE UP methodology: honoring the different stages we can find ourselves in.

Growth and healing is not linear, it comes with ups and downs, sometimes (and maybe too often) when we least expect it. It is circular, since it is an ongoing process, shaping us to become truly who we are meant to be and create that bigger impact for our direct environment and the world surrounding us.

Where does your journey start?

CLARITY: when you feel overwhelmed and experience chaos, running from one emergency to the next, the first step could be to create clarity. Honing in to your greatest strengths and what really matters to you: your core values and purpose.

FOCUS: Do you get lost in the choices, losing focus and momentum? When you know where you want to go and know who you need to become to get there, there are so many different ways to get there. How do I make the best choices to help me grow right now, instead of getting lost in all the possibilities.

ACTION: Do you notice your dreams remain dreams and the goals you set remain far distant aspirations? Do you find it hard to know what exactly you need to put in place to action your plans or priorities?

EVALUATION: do you feel caught in the rat race of emergencies and different projects one following the other? There just seems no time to take a breath and step back to learn from your experiences and grow? Evaluation is essential: contrary to what we may think, it creates time, space and energy to recharge the batteries. Looking into shortcomings and be more aware of how you reached your goals builds resilience when times are tough, it improves our learning curve.

ALIGNMENT & HEALING: are you working really hard, but do the results not really match all your effort? Do you feel there is more potential, but is something holding you back?

Today more than ever we all have experienced trauma recently or have learned from situations creating negative patterns blocking our expansion. As leader, in your own life or when leading others, underlying destructive patterns are easily triggered. This will happen over and over again, until you have the courage to look it in the eyes and engage on that journey of freedom.

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