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Do you have time to waste?

Have you ever thought of how much time you waste by procrastinating? I mean really count those hours over a week, a month, a year.

But what if you were to consider where you want to go, develop a clear plan of action to get there, and stick to it, step by step, no matter what.

Do you keep putting off the important things? Do you find yourself planning to do certain things, but then life takes over and those things remain undone?

I’d ask you to take a moment to think of one of those things you want to do but never seem to finish. What benefit do you see from not doing it? What are you holding on to?

These questions may not be easy to answer, but they are crucial to understanding why we do what we do.

Sometimes I think we don’t spend enough time considering the benefits of meeting our goals. I’m serious: Think about what that will success feel like, look like, sound like, taste like, smell like.

If we can see what reaching our goals will mean to us, why would we put off the work we need to do to get there?

Let’s consider why we may not be as proactive as we should be.

In my own journey, I set goals when I wanted to grow my business, and I knew how I was going to reward myself once I reached those goals. I was working hard, and yet somehow those goals remained unachieved.

My business had grown to a comfortable place, but it did not generate enough for me to do those extra things I had long wanted to do – I had just become accustomed to scarcity. Still, I wanted more. And I knew it could be within my reach.

So when I looked more closely at what I was doing, I saw that my own business picked up only when I began to really feel what it would mean if I could reach my goals. I saw the life I could make for myself. I could really see the difference I could make for my clients.

I took a deep breath and did what I needed to do to advance.

I reached my goals. Because I had done the work, I could live the life that achieving my goals allowed me. I felt the freedom and relief it gave me and enjoyed the tremendous reward of being able to take my children on a long-desired holiday.

And when I began to live the life I had dreamed of, wow, there’s no better feeling. Once you experience that, there’s no turning back.

I can help you get there.

Do you want to free up your time so that you have more bandwidth for more lucrative projects? Would you like to build a bigger vision for your business and your life?

Then come to my ‘High Profit, High Performance Masterclass’, on September 14th from 9.30am to 1pm in Cork.

In this intensive, one-day seminar, I will give you the resources to start creating the change you want in your life and business; the practical tools to help you create a bigger vision for yourself and your business; and ways to free up your own time and energy, make more money, and increase the performance of your team.

I will share all my secrets to identifying the clear, focused action that will open an amazing window of freedom in your life.

Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the clarity and freedom you need to discover those lucrative opportunities that will take your business to the next level.

Over the years I have helped my clients take their next big leap to profit and success, building a high-performing team that frees them to focus on a bigger business vision, one that connects them with more profitable projects and clients.

I want to help you find your path to more freedom, without the stress.

Sound good?

You can book your ticket to the masterclass here

If you book your ticket before August 31st you can even bring a friend for FREE!

Make today the day you stop putting off those things that will take you where you want to go.

If you have any more questions, send me an email at me@saskia.ie. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve the life and business you want.

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