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Do you get the results you want?

Today I want to talk to you about results. And in my opinion, if your results are disappointing, you may want to look at your habits.

Now what do I mean by that?

Well basically, for all of us, something usually happens to form the way we go about our working lives and it often goes back to things we learned when we were younger – maybe there are bad habits we picked up along the way, or destructive messages that were delivered to us by prominent figures in our lives.

Are you holding yourself back instead of making sure you and your business are visible and well known? Is your inner voice critical or supportive?

Do you feel you want to grow and yet you have not been able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your business?

You may want to consider how your way of working reflects your attitudes and convictions. You may want to look at your work habits and where they come from.

For example, sometimes people come from a background where there may not have been an emphasis on finishing what they started. That habit, that way of working, can mean trouble for them later on, when they want to move on to more lucrative projects.

What convictions do you hold about money, work, and success that may be blocking you now from allowing yourself to be more successful, to work less, and to create the opportunities to live the life you long for?

It’s about identifying why we do what we do.

I would suggest that if you have not yet identified those convictions or those habits and dealt with them, that they will continue to come up in your life. You need to make a choice: Am I going to continue to go the way I have been going, or am I going to change things around?

And that’s the good news. This goes deeper than just changing your mindset, but these are behaviors that can be changed. These are behaviors that you can change.

Those convictions are like the ocean currents – you cannot see them on the surface, but that is what makes them dangerous. You work so hard to make things happen for your business and yet you are not seeing results, because beneath the goals you have set are those long-established beliefs, that inner voice, that tells you that your goals can’t be met or you’re not worth making it happen.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I am reminded of one of my clients who, at the age of 19, was told by an authority figure in his life that he would always be used by others. Unconsciously, he kept searching for confirmation of that negative label that he had carried from that young age.

As a result, he regularly found himself being used in the jobs he took on. He always did more than his job required, and still heard it was not good enough.

Once he was able to see this pattern and understand where it came from, he could begin to set his own boundaries and make clear agreements at the start of a new job, ensuring he would be paid what he was worth.

As a result, his satisfaction with his work improved and as he continued to deliver a great service to his clients, he gained more confidence.

So take a moment here. Look at what you are doing and the patterns that keep raising their heads. Which convictions do you keep proving to be right but which block you from making your business thrive?

Because once we come to terms with our habits – the good and the bad – we can start putting actions in place to make sure we shed any barriers to success. And that means you can make way for more lucrative work and focus on building your income and your team.

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