You’re a successful entrepreneur.

You’ve built your business astutely and yet, today, you feel trapped.
Instead of being the master of your universe, you’re putting out fires.
You jump from task to task, with no control over the endless emergencies you have to attend to.
Moving forward? Taking your business to the next step?
Delegating tasks? Hiring someone? How?
The simple process needed to answer that question is overwhelming and have already given you too
many sleepless nights and restless days.

Two things have always fascinated me : human abilities of transformation and authentic personal leadership. That’s why I specialized in helping professionals, who feel they’ve reached their own personal glass ceiling, to smash it.
I’m convinced coaching is the perfect tool to overcome
obstacles and self-limiting beliefs. I’ve accompanied it more times than I can count.
How powerful a change of perspective on a situation can be! It can free us from the burden we’ve thrown ourselves into.

Before I met Saskia my days started off in a rush, I would randomly hit the road to serve my clients and solve their problems. I was all over the place, longing for a holiday and time to spend with my loved ones, but didn’t see a way out. Within six months of working together I was even able to extend a short break for a few days, since everything was well organized and under control. I reorganized my team, freeing up my own time to create an extra 300K within two years!”
Richard, IT-specialist, Business Owner

Do you need to discover in more details what I can help you with?

“The days where I felt rushed and misdirected by other people’s emergencies have drastically diminished since Saskia has helped me better understand my unique qualities. Leading by these strengths leaves me more energized and focused at work, and also transpires into my life. Seeing all the work that needed to be done, I assumed I was looking for an addition to the team. Instead I developed a personalized time management and planning model which greatly benefits me and in turn the whole organization. Working in a clearly structured way there is no need for an extra employee and the back log of unfinished tasks diminishes rapidly.
I can now also see clearly the true value I am adding to closing transactions, in the last one I added an extra 20%. This gained clarity is not only benefiting my employer, it also opens up new possibilities for me beyond!
Ronan, Strategic Financial Advisor for Complex Property Transactions

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